“The Dream of a strong India cannot be realized without the creation of self-reliant, self-sufficient villages. If such villages are to be created, a person with social responsibility must be raised first.”

– Anna Hazare
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Duration :  20 June 1980  
Total Days : 01
Place : Ahmednagar

Agitation for Approval of School in Ralegan Siddhi Village

Results of the Agitation : The school classes from class 5th to 10th received approval from the government at the same time.

Ralegan Siddhi School, recognized as a result of the movement, has become a unique experiment in the field of education today. This school, which is famous all over the world as the school of failure, has brightened the lives of thousands of wasted and failed children till date.


Duration : 07 June 1983 To 08 June 1983
  Total Days : 02
  Place : Ralegan Siddhi ( District – Ahmednagar )

Agitation Due To Non-Cooperation Of Administration In Village Development Work

Results of the Agitation : All-out cooperation in the village development work from the government level and immediate appointment of village sevak in the vacant post was promised and the concerned authorities decided to accept their mistake and cooperate with the villagers.

The government officials admitted their mistake and apologized to the villagers.


Duration : 20 February 1989 To 24 February 1989
  Total Days : 05
  Place : Ralegan Siddhi ( District – Ahmednagar )

Agitation For The Demand of Deciding the Policy for the State of Maharashtra Regarding Drip Irrigation and Bore well Subsidy for Agriculture

Results of the Agitation : Government of Maharashtra gave a combined subsidy for both drip for orchards and bore well for intercropping.


Duration : 20 November 1989 To 28 November 1989
  Total Days : 09
  Place : Ralegan Siddhi ( District – Ahmednagar )

The Agitation was to Demand that the Government was Not Supplying Electricity to the Agricultural Sector at a Suitable Pressure, and the Government should also make Provision for Setting up Adequate Electricity Substations.

Results of the Agitation : Immediate suspension of electricity bill collection and 3 electricity sub-centers were set up within a year. Also, a fund of 65 crore rupees was approved for the construction of power substations at various places in the state.

Police fired on farmers during Rasta Roko protest in Wadegavan, 4 farmers were martyred and many farmers were injured.


Duration : 01 May 1994 To 06 May 1994
  Total Days : 06
  Place : Aalandi ( District : Pune )

Agitation for Inquiry into the Corruption in the Forestry Department and Demand that the Government Take Action Against the Guilty Officials

Results of the Agitation : 17 Senior officers were found guilty after an inquiry into corruption in the Forestry Department. Action was started against them. In the subsequent elections, the Congress government which supported corruption was defeated.

The cases of corruption in the forest department of the Maharashtra government came to the hands of Anna Hazare. He then wrote to 300 Tehsildars, 300 Forest officers and 400 Sarpanches in Maharashtra to get information. An inquiry was demanded. But the government was ignoring it. Anna went on a Hunger Strike in Aalandi, returning his Vrikshamitra and Padma Shri awards to protest against supporting corrupt officials. After investigation, corruption of Rs. 60 lakhs was revealed in this case.


Duration :  20  November 1996  To  03  December 1996
Total Days :  14
 Place :  Ralegan Siddhi ( District – Ahmednagar )

Agitation for Inquiry Into 412 Cases of Corruption, Resignation of Concerned Ministers and Inquiry through a Three-Member Committee

Results of the Agitation : 90 Percent of the 412 cases were found to be True. Water Conservation Minister Shashikant Sutar and Irrigation Minister Mahadev Shivankar have resigned from their ministerial posts and taken for inquiry. A Puranic Committee was appointed.

2 Cabinet Ministers resigned and action against 18 corrupt senior officers due to the discovery of facts in the corruption case.


Duration :   10 May 1997  To  19 May 1997
  Total Days : 10
  Place :  Ralegan Siddhi ( District : Ahmednagar )

Agitation to Demand an Inquiry into the Corruption Allegations Leveled Against the Hind Swaraj Trust by Shiv Sena Chief Balasaheb Thackeray and Shashikant Sutar.

Results of the Agitation : The State government conducted a thorough inquiry into the Hind Swaraj Trust. The Chief Minister announced that the affairs of Hind Swaraj Trust are completely clean.

Anna himself demanded that the Hind Swaraj Trust be investigated by the CBI due to allegations of corruption.


Duration :   09 August 1999  To  18 August 1999
Total Days : 10
Place :   Aalandi ( District : Pune )

Agitation Against the Corrupt Coalition Government, Demand Action Against Social Welfare Minister Baban Gholap, and Take Action Against 33 Corrupt Officials of Irrigation Department

Results of Agitation : Social welfare minister Baban Gholap and his wife were interrogated. Gholap had to resign from the post of minister. The alliance was defeated in the elections held at the same time.

Anna was unjustly sentenced to three months, sent to prison. But as the people of the state took to the streets, the government was forced to release Anna from jail after 15 days. Baban Gholap and his wife were sentenced to three years imprisonment as it was proved that they had accumulated unaccountable assets through corruptions.


Duration :   09 August 2003  To  17 August 2003
Total Days :  09
Place :  Aazad Maidan ( Mumbai )

Agitation to demand Right To Information, Transfers Law, More Powers to Gram Sabha, Daptar Dirangai Law, Inquiry into Corruption Allegations Against 4 Ministers

Results of Agitation : Right to Information Act implemented. Appointment of Justice P. B. Sawant Commission for inquiry against 4 ministers.

Suresh Jain, Padmasinh Patil and Nawab Malik, three ministers were found guilty in the Sawant Commission inquiry. All the three ministers had to resign.


Duration :  09  February 2004  To  18  February 2004
Total Days : 09
 Place :   Ralegan Siddhi ( District : Ahmednagar )

Agitation for the Demand for Effective Implementation of Right To Information Act, Right to Gram Sabha Act, Transfer Act, Daptar Dirangai Act

Results of Agitation : Assurance of appointment of Divisional Commissioner in accordance with law RTI Act. Promised to pass gram sabha, transfers and daptar dirangai laws.

The hunger strike was called off in the gram sabha held at Yadav Baba temple by the hands of R. R. Patil..


Duration :  09  August 2006  To  19 August 2006
Total Days :  11
Place :  Aalandi ( District : Pune )

The Central Government Decided to make some Changes in the RTI Act like Removing File Noting. In this way, the Agitation to Demand that this Law should not be Ineffectual

Results of the Agitation : The decision to change the Right to Information Act Canceled by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh Government. Prime Minister’s Office Minister Prithviraj Chauhan gave such a written assurance.

The Prime Minister called Anna to Delhi for talks. On August 25, 2006, Anna had a detailed discussion on the law with the Prime Minister in Delhi.


Duration :  25 December 2006  To  03  January  2007
Total Days : 10
 Place :  Ralegan Siddhi ( District : Ahmednagar )

Agitation to Demand that Action Should be Taken Against the Corrupt Ministers Found Guilty in the Justices Sawant Commission Inquiry

Results of the Agitation : A written assurance was given by the government to take action against the corrupt minister found guilty in the Sawant Commission inquiry.


Duration : 02 October 2009 To 10 October 2009
Total Days : 09
Place : Ralegan Siddhi ( District – Ahmednagar )

Agitation to Demand that Action Should be Taken Against the Corrupt Ministers Found Guilty in the Justices Sawant Commission Inquiry

Results of the Agitation : A written assurance was given by the government to take action against the corrupt minister found guilty in the Sawant Commission inquiry.


Duration  :   16  March  2010   To   20 March 2010
Total Days :  05
 Place :   Ralegan Siddhi ( District : Ahmednagar )    

  Agitation For the Demand of Inquiry into the Co-operative Credit Society Scam, Amendment in the Co-operative Act, Return of Depositors’ Deposits.

Results of the Agitation : An inquiry into the Co-operative Credit Union scam, amendments to the Co-operative Act and assurances of return of depositors’ deposits.

Due to the agitation, the government allocated Rs. 200 crores to return the stuck deposits of poor people.


Duration  :  05 April  2011  To   09 April 2011
Total Days :  05
Place :  Jantar Mantar ( New Delhi )

Agitation For the Demand that Lokpal Lokayukta Act Should be Drafted with Public Participation

Results of the Agitation : The government decided to appoint a draft committee consisting of five representatives of the government and five representatives of the public.

Joint committee appointed, after 3 months of meetings the government rejected the joint committee draft


Duration :  16 August  2011  To   28 August 2011
Total Days : 13
 Place :  RamLeela Maidan ( New Delhi )

Agitation to Demand Passage of Lokpal and Lokayukta Act for Corruption Free India

Results of the Agitation : Prime Minister’s promise 1) Charter of Citizens, 2) Officers at all levels under the purview of Lokpal,
3) Lokayukta in each state

The historic peaceful and non-violent movement in the anti-corruption fight, the awareness across the country, the government had to bend to the pressure of the people.


Duration :  16 August  2011  To   28 August 2011
Total Days : 13
Place :  Ralegan Siddhi ( District : Ahmednagar ) 

Lokpal-Jana Aandolan In Anna’s Village, Ralegan Siddhi

Ralegan Siddhi Village Becomes The Second Ramlila Maidan

Agitation In India And Other Countries In Support Of Lokpal Bill


Duration :  27  December 2011  To  28  December 2011
Total Days :  02
 Place :   Mumbai ( Maharashtra )

  Agitation Once Again to Demand that the Lokpal Lokayukta Bill be Passed

Results of the Agitation : The Lokpal Lokayukta Bill was Assured to be Passed in the Lok Sabha.


Duration :  10 December 2013  To  18  December 2013
  Total Days :  09
  Place :  Ralegan Siddhi ( District : Ahmednagar )

  The Historic ‘Do or Die’ Agitation was held to Demand the Approve of the Lokpal Lokayukta Bill

Results of Agitation : Lokpal Lokayukta Bill was passed in both Houses of Parliament.

In the elections held after this agitation, At that time government was completely defeated and there was a change of power in the country.


Duration :  23  February  2015  To   24 February 2015
Total Days :  02
 Place :   Jantar Mantar ( New Delhi )

Dharna Agitation to Demand Repeal of the Unjust Law of Land Acquisition

Results of Agitation : Modi government at center withdrawn Land Acquisition Bill.

Many farmers’ organizations of the country united in this movement under the leadership of Anna.


Duration :  26  Jully  2015
                   Total Days :  01
                   Place :   Jantar Mantar ( New Delhi )

Agitation to Get Justice for Soldiers by Passing One Rank One Pension Bill

Results of the Agitation : Modi government at the central approved the One Rank One Pension Bill

All the military organizations of the country came together under the leadership of Anna.


            Duration :  23  March  2018  To   29  March 2018
                   Total Days :  07
                   Place :   Ram Leela Maidan ( New Delhi )

   Agitation for Farmers’ Issues, Implementation of Lokpal Lokayukta Act and Electoral Reforms

Results of Agitation : An eight-member search committee was appointed on September 27, 2018, under the chairmanship of Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai.

On 23 March 2019 (Mr. Pinaki Chandra Ghosh) the first Lokpal of the country was appointed and sworn in.


Duration :  30 January 2019  To  05  February 2019
                   Total Days :  07
                    Place :   Ralegan siddhi ( District : Ahmednagar )

A Hunger Strike to Demand a Competent Lokayukta Act in the State of Maharashtra and Farmers to Get Cost-based Prices for their Agricultural Produce

Results of the Agitation : Hon. During the Devendra Fadnavis government, a joint drafting committee of five principal secretaries and five civil society members was appointed under the chairmanship of the state chief secretary to enact the Lokayukta Act in the state on February 18, 2019.

The Maharashtra Lokayukta Bill was passed on 28 December 2022 in the Winter Session of the State Legislative Assembly.

The Maharashtra Lokayukta Bill was passed in the winter session of the state Legislative Council on 15 December 2023.

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