AGRO Development

Low Water Crops

Cultivation of water-intensive crops like sugarcane was banned. Crops such as pulses, oilseeds and certain cash crops with low water requirements were grown. 
Every year about 200/250 trucks carry onion, vegetables out of this village to the market, The economy of the village has changed. The standard of living of the people has changed. Water is our national wealth, the available water needs proper planning & management. To deal with the unemployment of the villagers, along with agricultural production, the growth of Agro-based industries is also necessary.

Onion planting

There’s no need to soak onion sets before planting. Plant them 10-15cm apart, allowing 30cm between rows. Plant them just below the soil surface, with just the tips showing, in moisture-retentive, fertile soil, ideally with plenty of well-rotted organic matter such as garden compost.

Pomegranate – Onion Inter Crop

Agriculture has evolved, and farmers are seeking ways to boost their Income. Pomegranate intercropping is gaining popularity as a technique that allows farmers to double their earnings by combining pomegranate cultivation with compatible intercrops (onion)in the quest to enhance their income, farmers are embracing innovative agricultural practices, and one method gaining significant attention is pomegranate intercropping.

Wheat Harvesting

The goal should be to harvest all grain with minimal chaff and straw.

Cucumber (Drip Irrigation)

Cucumber is irrigated drip irrigation systems (direct drip lines along the planted rows) (1, 2). However, drip irrigation is by far the most common irrigation method used in cucumbers both for open fields and greenhouse cultivations.

Crops on Farm Pond

Fruit farming (Papaya)

 Papaya, lemons were produced on 80 acres, entirely irrigated through the drip system

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