Changed Economics

Past & Present

The development of Ralegansiddhi started with reconstructing the Saint Yadavbaba temple. The condition of the temple was very bad in the beginning. As it was a place of inspiration, the villagers reconstructed the temple with Shramdan. Today we can see the huge and beautiful temple. In the same way the temples of Goddess Padmawati and Lord Shankar are rebuilt by Shramdan.

After the change in village economy, the villagers have transformed different institutions by their contribution. For example, the milk collection center Sant Yadavbaba Co-operative Milk Society, which was working in a small place, is transformed in to well furnished building. In the same way Co-operative credit society, Big well of watershed Recharging Society have changed. In this work villagers have contributed on a large scale and small scale by their Shramdan.

Milk Dairy  Old -> New

Old credit society à New Co-operative Credit Society

Old Community Well ->New Community Well

Old primary school → New Primary school

Old High school Building ->new High school Building

Village Transformation Day (Birthday of Village)

People celebrate their own birthdays but in Ralegan Siddhi the villagers celebrate their village’s birthday. This is how a united family has been built.  
On this occasions the learned, sportsmen, farmers, who have excelled in their fields are felicitated. The villagers are grateful to the persons who have given special honorary service to the society. All the villagers take part in this ceremony. All the women of the village participate in collective food preparation. In the evening, after the program, all the villagers enjoy collective dinner together.

Honor To Senior Citizens

Worship of Villager Mother & Father

Welcome to New Brides

Welcome to New Born Babies

Best Student Felicitation

Community Marriage

Community Marriage- To keep the harmony, to eliminate the difference between rich and poor and to save the unwanted expenses on big fat Indian marriages and thereby to use that money for needy people, Ralegan Siddhi has started community marriages in 1976. Many poor parents are always worried about their daughter’s marriage. Community marriage has reduced the expenditures of marriage and they do not give and take dowry. All the villagers distribute all the work in the marriage and complete it successfully because they all strongly believe that whole village is one big family.

Felicitation for social work

Collective cooking

Cultural Activities In Ralegan Siddhi

Navarati Cultural Festival

Shree Ganesh Festival

Women’s Self Help Group And villager Parliament

Women Panchayat

Village Assembly

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